My heart bleed whenever I hear, read about #RAPE #SEXUALABUSE.

Why would a right thinking person RAPE a minor? Why must a man Abuse a woman sexually? The WHYS have their answers below:

i don’t agree that any girl child should be taking advantage of by STEALING her innocent, a man that does that MUST be suffering from insanity and as a matter of urgency should be taking away from the society. In a society, where any man RAPES any child from the age of 1-17 years MUST be made to have mortgage his freedom for ROBBERY… that girl has been robbed of her innocence which she may never recover from, why should the man move freely?

No one has the right to ABUSE a lady even from age 18 upward sexually. Sex must be a mutual agreement between a man and a woman, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives…

Any man that RAPES should be sentenced to LIFE IMPRISONMENT so also for those that abuse anyone sexually!

… Injustice to one, is injustice to all!


Daniel ‘Seun


2 thoughts on “DEATH SENTENCE!!!

  1. Thanks for adding your voice to this fight against sexual violence which is fast spreading it’s tentacles. Amazingly, the society has come to accept it as the norm, through their silence and hypocrisy. It is disgusting to think that an adult man will stoop to the lowest of low to rape a child. I dare say this is because when that lady was raped, we excused it away with “wetin she go do there’, ‘see wetin she too wear’ . . . What is now the excuse?


    1. It’s really disheartening this barbaric act of madness must be put to an end by having any abuser face death sentence or life imprisonment which will send signals to this group of insane lunatics that their end has come even those that use it for ritual purposes.


      Daniel ‘Seun


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