It is no longer news that Nigerians are being killed daily by those in authority. The citizens of Nigeria whose resources are numerous for wealth creation are been short changed by a greedy few.

When I was growing up, I knew that name Prof. Jerry Gana with his quotes (if you are a teacher, teach well; if you an administrator, administer well; if you are a conductor, conduct well) hmmmmm I am a grown man today and the same Prof. Jerry Gana still locks around the corridors of power. Why do their likes cling so much unto power?

All government policies are not favourable to the citizens. Hmmmmm – below spells how these people strangle Nigerian:

In January 2012, Nigerians woke up to receive a New Year Gift from President Goodluck Jonathan by increasing the pump price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) know as petrol or fuel some Nigerians have died as a result of that gift but when the people rose up to say NO to oppression, the nation NIGERIA stood still… But some Greedlucks sat with the government to negotiate and mortgage the highest number of Nigerian population to agree to an adjustment which brought down the price of petrol to NGN97.00 from 65.00 making the citizens pay a difference of NGN32.00 which account is invisible to Nigerians but accessible and visible to the people in authority in continuation on their strangling tactics. Remember that these people that have shortchanged Nigerians do not buy petrol!

HRH Sanusi II who was the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria that reformed the banking sector STOPPED the NGN100.00 fraud which you MUST pay for using other banks Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and during his tenure that was abruptly ended by the government of President Goodluck Jonathan for exposing corruption gave more money to the budget of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in his time but all the monies that were appropriated for in the last 3 years budget have been invisible to Nigerians but visible and accessible to the people in authority because of their self centeredness, greed and ill luck for the citizens of Nigeria. Hmmmm, back to the matter: Mr. Amefiele Godwin the new CBN governor within weeks of resumption has re-introduced the #STRANGLING tactics by demanding Nigerians to pay NGN65.00 for the use of other bank ATM. What account does the money go to? I want to know but my thinking tell me it’s the SHARING ACCOUNT where this government have vowed that the citizens of Nigeria must suffer for voting Goodluck Jonathan into power.

I will end with this, on Thursday 11th Septemeber 2014, I went to use my bank branch ATM, I was paid but my card was trapped for no fault of mine and 4 other persons had the same experience as me, unacceptable to me I demanded that I MUST get my card which was after closing hours to customer and pulled little strings which gave me access and my card was given back to me in all fairness but I found out that same day that should your card be trapped, it is punched and you MUST go get a new ATM Card which you will be charged NGN1,000. This is totally unacceptable as Nigerians are been defrauded, arm twisted, strangled daily. Those people in position of authority that share this money by STRANGLING Nigerians DO NOT USE ATMS, DO NOT BUY FUEL BUT WANT TO REMAIN IN POWER TO STRANGLE Nigerians the more so as to continue living a life of glamour in stolen wealth.



Daniel ‘Seun


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