It is absurd all the happenings in our country Nigeria where the present government do not give a damn about anything that is right but has towed and embrace False, Negativity, Injustice, Crime, Disorderliness, Corruption, everything wrong just to cap it because the list is unending.

When a government tries to promote and protect injustice and criminality that government becomes an Embarrassment to is own Nation like it has happened to Nigeria. Since the private jet of Ayo Oritsejafor who is President Jonathan’s ally is involved in a dirty deal of Money Laundering to carry out Arms Smuggling which is against international laws, our government who claimed that the United States has blocked all avenues for them to get weapons legally calls for deep thinking.

If the United States of America blocked all genuine avenues for the purchase of weapons for a nation at war against insurgence, does that mean that the United States of America wants the nation Nigeria to be wiped out by the insurgence or the United States has a clear knowledge of what we DO NOT KNOW that our weapons may end up in the hands of the insurgence? Months back when helicopter was sighted at evenings to be dropping stuff at Sambisa Forest, did the helicopter fly out of the radar? All this leaves a bitter taste in the mouth,! (If $20 Billion dollars is missing, America will know – GEJ) hmmmmmm!

My little knowledge tells me that weapons that the country’s military will use is way more than $10 Million which should get our heads thinking that something MUST be wrong somewhere for a government to claim to be involved in the act of Money Laundering, illegal arms / arms smuggling which cannot be traced to the end user does that make sense?

Nigerian government has admitted to be involved in money laundering and arms smuggling which is against international law may I safely say that SOUTH AFRICA HAS RECEIVED A GIFT OF $9.3 MILLION FLOWN WITH A PRIVATE JET OF A “SPIRITUAL LEADER” THEIR PORTION OF NIGERIAs NATIONAL CAKE WHICH HER CITIZENS HAS NOT BENEFITTED FROM AND ARE LIVING IN ABJECT POVERTY.

South Africa enjoy and build your nation with the gift you have received because you don’t request for gift it is an act of benevolence from the Nigerian government that do not care about her citizens. Kindly received the gift with gratitude and DO NOT RELEASE IT BACK TO US as it was freely given.

Best Regards,

Daniel ‘Seun





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