Why is the government so excited about linking BBOG with APC? We should amplify that question for Nigerians to reason it out. Why are they not engaging with us based on issues, but are rather desperate to discredit us? Remember during the fuel subsidy crisis which affected every Nigerian, they said the protests were sponsored by APC, they also said same of the strike by ASUU and NMA. They even blamed the poor electricity supply we are experiencing on sabotage by APC. They ceaselessly accused APC of sponsoring Boko Haram until they were caught buying arms under dubious circumstances that exposed them as the actual owners of the Boko Haram franchise. People should realise that we have a failed government that is desperate to put the blame of its disastrous non-performance on someone else. And the Nigerian people are letting them get away with it because they always appear to be deceived by the government’s resort to sentiments. The government knows it has the money to pay for TV commercials and the power to coerce the media into singing its own tune.  They have been succeeding in deceiving Nigerians who do not care to question their narratives. I wish we had the money to launch a media offensive to counter their devious propaganda. However, we must find a creative way to go about it. They can have all the instrumentality of the mass media in their control, we have the truth and the truth will always triumph.
By – Elvis Iyorngurum

Best regards
Daniel ‘Seun



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