Minutes of Day 190 CULLED FROM – By Joel Adoga

Today being the 21st of October 2014 depressingly marks Day 190 of our Chibok Girls Abduction and Day 175 of our Daily Sit-Out.

Opening Remark: Mrs Comfort Iliya in her opening remark commended our group for our persistence and commitment to this cause and keeping the

The meeting commenced at exactly 4 anchored by Aisha Yesufu Att 55

Opening Remark

Comfort Dauda Iliya in her remark encouraged the group and urged us never to relent in our efforts to compel the right actions from government in the rescue of our Chibok Girls. In another tragic revelation she recounted how her husband’s niece and her mate were abducted from the farm by members of BH in a town called Askira yesterday. She called on us all to join their family in prayer as we continue to advocate for the safe return of our Chibok Girls and all those in captivity.

Media Update

The letter from Audu Ogbeh retracting his statement was read to the membership. The membership of the BBOG applauded his gesture towards the

Hadiza Bala Usman’s statement on her personality being maligned was also read out, regardless of her tribe, religion and political affiliation she says she will stand for the Chibok Girls

The chairman Kibaku reported that Damboa has been attacked Nigerian Army killed 25
Askira was also attacked as women were picked from the farm Dauds Iliya’s niece a mother of 7 was also among the victims

Dino Melaye emphasised that this government is a government of lies and we must arise and ask the right questions. He has clips of the abduction that took place in Damboa which further shows they are advancing. He insists that we as Nigerians must arise and stop being behind the scenes critics. He insist we must continue to rattle our government by asking the right questions and carrying out street protests to the appropriate quarters as we did on the 14th of October

Olatunji said he hopes he doesn’t get lynched for pleading that we hold onto the positive side of this news till the end of the week. Hope is all we have.

Maureen was commended for her radio appearance on Love FM (104.5)

Dr Emman Shehu ahredd the following report;

*A Security Consultant and retired military officer Captain Umar Aliyu on Moday said the ceasefire agreement reached by the FG with the dreaded BH terrorist group is not binding on the sect members. He told Channels TV that, “the reason is because being an alternative dispute resolution option, it is not like a court finding where if you break or do not respect the ceasefire the court will fine you or you pay a certain fee”. He also added that BH has no history of respecting ceasefires agreed to either by the FG or third parties, insisting that the BH does not have anything with respecting agreements or ceasefires

*Former Emir of Gwandu, Alhaji Al-Mustapha Haruna Jokolo, a Retired Major and former Aide-de-Camp to former Head of State and APC chieftain, Gen Muhammadu Buhari has expressed deep concern over the state of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The outspoken officer who had a distinguished career in the military is disturbed that soldiers in uniform today are not being properly equipped, trained and inspired to give their utmost. He argues that this is the result of years of breakdown of the institutional framework and strict observance of the proper procedure for management of the finances of the armed services. In a two-part interview, Jokolo explains in some detail and indirectly highlights what needs to be done to begin the process of rebuilding the psyche of the military

*When it was reported that on Friday that a ceasefire had been reached between Nigeria and BH that would ensure the return of 219 kidnapped school girls, the news was met with instant scepticism. A key advisor to President Jonathan claimed the government had secured an agreement to end hostilities and release the girls taken from Chibok six months earlier. Secret meetings had been held between the authorities in Abuja, the Nigerian capital and representatives of the Al-Qaeda-linked militia, it was reported. But there have been numerous false starts and immense confusion surrounding negotiations and reports of progress are often muddied by electioneering and communication breakdowns. This time the announcement did force Mike Omeri to clarify that officials were indeed negotiating towards a settlement with BH

*NEMA has said the FG was willing to do everything necessary to rehabilitate the several thousands of people affected by the BH insurgency in the NE and renovate all the public buildings destroyed ever since the problem started. Speaking yesterday during the presentation of relief materials to IDP’s in Chibok, the NE zonal coordinator of NEMA Alhaji Mohammed Kanar said the FG would stop at nothing to see smiles return to the faces of the people of the area again.

*The FG is considering sending relief materials to refugee camps in Cameroon where hundreds of Nigerian citizens take refuge from BH, the NE zonal coordinator has confirmed. He said an inter-ministerial committee had been organised by NEMA to work out modalities for bringing back the Nigerian refugees who crossed over to Cameroon where they live under the protection of the UN

*There is no ceasefire between the trio of Jamaa’atu Ahlis Sunnah (Al-Haqq) of Sheikh Bukar, Ansorul-Muslimiin Harakatul-Muhajirin and the FG. These groups have been engaged in a heavy battle with the Cameroonians on their on their side of the Mandara Mountains and they agreed to a temporary cessation of hostilities with Cameroon in several sectors along the border. Part of that agreement was the release of the Chinese and Cameroonian hostages held by the Harakatul-Muhajiriin and Ansorul Muslimiin. The FG has been trying to portray the ceasefire agreement it reached with Shekau’s faction as a political victory. BH is not a monolithic entity rather it is an ideological movement with four factions only one of whom reached a ceasefire with the government. Despite this so called ceasefire there was fighting around the military positions in the area close to Dambo Town (propaganda aside, insurgents still run Damboa). This fighting was between the fighters of the other three factions and the Nigerian Army

*A trail Ahmed Salkida’s tweets were also read; The media hype now #BH is fractured and factionalised that this new challenge affected the release of hostages and wider peace settlement.

BH have cells and cadres that all operate under one Imam there are no factions, if there are another Imam would emerge anywhere in W/A

It is irremissible for such Jihadi groups not to openly have an Imam. Therefore, we would have seen a new or another Imam if factions exist

When do you look at history of botched ceasefires, starting from Marwana and now Danladi, none of them denounced Shekau but he dismissed them

Assuming there are factions that seek peace. What is important here is for government to talk to only to those that have hostages and seized territories

Why speak to an unknown faction so-to-say if they don’t have deliverables? Government must first reclaim territories and take responsibility

It is pointless for the FG to negotiate from the position of weakness hence, hence the inability by the Nigerian Army to reclaim lost territories since September

When you have lost territories you can no longer negotiate except you are ready to let go part of it. Reclaim these areas then seek peace settlement


Abiola Sanusi proposed that we put up on our BBOG handle the report of the government’s claims that Damboa had been re-taken and as a result some of the towns people thought it safe to return home which led to their unfortunate attack. She also urged all members of the group to remember about the drive for continuous donations/relief items to the IDP’s as they are still in need of our help

Dr Emman Shehu asked that every member should personally do a study on what the intended plan to graduate our advocacy “occupy” means as our level of preparedness before the time will make it successful

Olatunji urged the group to remember the Dauda Iliya’s in our prayer as we also continue to prevail on the government to rise to the occasion and bring to an end this raging carnage that is ravaging the NE. He also urged all members at this time to give the government the benefit of the doubt and be hopeful that the ongoing negotiations will bring about the release of our girls as the government has promised

Mrs Comfort Iliya made a passionate plea to the FG to please bring an end to this ravaging madness in the NE and bring back our girls and all those in captivity, enough is enough she emphatically stated.

Maureen spoke on various issues and decried the failure of the Church that has become a safe haven for the politicians who in the past used to find the church uncomfortable as that was where they were being made uncomfortable with the truth. Today, the front row seats in churches are reserved for the politicians and they find the church a convenient place to hatch their political ambitions further propagating their religious agenda that divides us as a people. She also encouraged us to remain hopeful as we anxiously await the return of our girls which will mark the beginning of the end of insurgency in the NE

Hon. Dino Melaye stood on the consciousness that he is Otunba Dino Melaye and called on the security persons present to take note. He spoke passionately about how close the continuous tragic incident has now come to us as Dauda Iliya ‘s niece was also abducted yesterday. He insists there is no reason being hopeful as this same government has told us series of lies in the past; they once told us they knew where these girls are, the same government that said they would not negotiate with a faceless group and also said there exist within this cabinet members of BH and the same government that paid hirelings to harass this group have now even gone scientific in their harassment of the group in a recent advert put together as a fall-out from an APC chieftain’s statement. In the end he says this government cannot be applauded even if the girls come back tomorrow because the agony they have put the parents and other family members and concerned citizens is beyond human comprehension

Veronica Bakam called on the media to practice investigative journalism and sift carefully the content of the message they put out to the public. They have a key role to play in sensitising the mass population with the message of unity and hope, also importantly is to take on the government for all their failed promises and critical stance on certain issues that later back fired

Miriam Ikunaiye advised the media that they should not be a fill in the gap journalist and says this situation offers the journalist that chooses to be different the rare opportunity to stand out. They must be investigative in their style of reporting if they are to be taken seriously and urged that they should not be intimidated in any way by the government

Rotimi Olawale said the media houses have a right to roll out an advertorial as long as the NBC permits his only concern is that their reportage on the group’s activities should be accurate

Aisha in her closing remark still comforted the Dauda Iliya’s family and prayed that God will intervene on behalf of their abducted family members (A niece and her husband’s mate).

There were two new members in our midst one of the new members in our midst by the name Abdulrahmman, Dauda Iliya’s classmate decried his sadness over the deep polarisation that now exists amongst Nigerians, he also admitted to not being disappointed having participated in our proceedings and will avail himself from time to time.

The meeting came to an end at 6:45pm having observed our usual one minute positive meditation for our Chibok Girls with the chanting of our solidarity songs led by Dr. Emman Shehu. There were 63 members in attendance.


Daniel ‘Seun





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