I wonder what a country that her citizen are so backward in reasoning to allow a few greedy persons make them complacent.

The problem of Nigeria today, I will put the blame on the citizens and partly on the so-called leaders that are dealing with the people with reckless abandon because most NIGERIANS do not know that POWER belongs to the people. My fellow citizens do not demand for their rights as we are too timid, we have allowed ethnic and religious sentiments to blind our sense of reason. We have allowed ethnicity and religion to get our brains washed and we are controlled with a rudder in the hands of our clerics that do not care about the welfare of their members just to get offerings from the rich and the poor. I am not against giving offerings and tithe but Jesus showed compassion on the people but our pastors today do not follow that pattern of Jesus Christ.

A classic example is the case of the #ChibokGirls, if these girls were not abducted, they would go to church on Sunday and still give the little they have as offerings but when clerics see campaigners today they go sarcastic and ask “are the girls back?” What a shame… Someone will tell me “touch not my anointed”, listen the bible also says in the Old Testament that we quote, that before I was formed in the worm God knew me and ordained me a prophet so don’t get it twisted. The New Testament says “TEST ALL SPIRITS”

The #ChibokGIrls today stand to point out everything that is wrong with our country Nigeria, from top to bottom. The political class do not care about the Nigerian citizens that is why Mr. President has been very quiet on insurgency, corruption which he says is mere stealing. Is stealing a good trait to pass on to a child? What a leader so-called? The number of people that have died in the northeastern part of Nigeria is not a cause for worry for a President who says he is happy that the insurgency is not happening in PDP-controlled states, what a president! where is the empathy? Is leadership partisanship? Doyin Okupe will tell me that President Jonathan did not start the insurgency but I understand that a leader takes responsibility. I stand bold to say that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is a failure and has failed NIGERIANS by desecrating the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by ceding 22,000sq KM of the northeastern part of Nigeria to the ragtag Boko Haram. Nigeria is supposed to be a sovereign state but that land mass put together is ENUGU, ANAMBRA AND IMO STATES which the total of the 3 states is 30,000sq KM. How long have these ragtag army taken over? Has President Jonathan made an affirmative statement?

Why should the CDS, Badeh announce a cease fire? Why should he not care that his home town has been taken over by the insurgency? NIGERIANS think, the people that are supposed to lead do not care about you. In other countries where they like to refer to, when you fail you resign.

I am so disappointed at the Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who have said nothing about the war going on in Nigeria, they have said nothing about the death toll which today has become statistics. This people only care about the greed of their heart that is why they have vowed to shut down the economy because they do not have automatic ticket, what a shame! Who will they legislate for is we all die?

Now I take the swipe:

If we all die, who will the president lead?
If we all die who will the National Assembly legislate for?
If we all die who will the pastors preach to?
If we all die who will the imams preach to?

Why can’t we all see the deceit, wickedness, greed, callousness of the people we entrust our entire lives with? Nigerians, Think; and think right.

It is time to fight for the SOUL OF THIS NATION NIGERIA.

Best regards,

Daniel ‘Seun




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