The People, The Power and The Politician

The People
Defined as “the mass of citizens in a country, the populace”.
History is a weapon and history has repeatedly shown and proven to us that the power in changing the course of history resides with the people.
From the toppling of governments, kingdoms and regimes to the championing of social, political change centred on public good, to the preservation of dignity of lives and equality for all. People have always being at the heart of all the change known to our world recording success that has made our world somewhat better.

Change can only be achieved in the place of great dissatisfaction but then again; history has also shown some of the following tactics deployed to making the People Docile, and Incapable of taking the reins over their lives.

Poverty is a potent weapon of war, all types of “war”. The influence/power of poverty cannot be underestimated by any standard; a hungry person is more concerned with survival than anything else. This is the natural law of life.
When poverty is deployed as a tool the people get distracted from other aspects of their lives including governance. All they do is first struggle daily for food to get by, not considering the impact of right/wrong governance on their lives.

In Nigeria, we are very aware of the precision/expertise at which our politicians over the years have deployed this tool before and during elections especially at the grassroots level.

As elections draws close, the politicians rather than tell the people in clear terms what they will do to improve their lot they instead share money, cups of rice, wrappers and 100 naira recharge cards to thinker with the minds of the people. The people are temporary relieved of the “burden of survival” by the gifts thereby doing the bidding of the politicians to their own detriments.
It is a vicious circle.

History has recorded colossal success of the deployment of this tool and it is yet to fail in Nigeria.

With the right knowledge comes the enlightenment of the mind.

A people perpetually deprived of Education/Information are eternally subjected to conduct their affairs in ignorance; and by default subject to exploitation, oppression, abuse and mistreatment. We are living in an Information Age. This concept simply implies that people who are the most current and have the most detailed information, will prosper ahead of those who go about life with half baked and unreliable information.

The literate man/woman has the capacity to reason objectively, understand his/her right; question status quo and make demands but his/her actions are subject to the quality of knowledge. Knowlegde is POWER and access to knowledge is EMPOWERMENT. Get The Right Knowledge.
An enlightened people are a threat any day.
Information that has the capacity to change the mindset of the people is usually hidden from away the people. It is the responsibility of the people to find information, circulate it and use it for a good cause.
Finding the right information about the 2015 general elections is a good start and helps you to make informed decision.

Where mistrust, doubts, suspicions exists amongst a people, there can never be unity and certainly development is far from such a people.
Nigeria has been well defined along ethnic and religious lines; and the divide is constantly emphasised. We are urged directly or indirectly to recognise this divide and judge each other on this basis.
How well are we doing with that?
There is more to us than ethnicity and religion and we KNOW IT. Why do we then allow a few propagate this false message?

While we are busy hating, scheming and killing each other, they are busy looting our commonwealth and resources…..and guess what! They DO NOT see religion and ethnicity! They rob us blind while we hold on to falsehood.
We must first commit to individually bridge these “divides” and forge a common bond to improve the quality of life that we deserve as Nigerians.
A people divided cannot win the fight against a common enemy.

Power is defined as “the capacity to influence the behaviour of others, their emotions or course of event”

The most powerful tool for change is the people but rarely do the people know the extent of their power nor do they put it to maximum use. There is power in the numbers, in information, in enlightenment and the people are the true custodian of power.

Power has only one duty—– to SECURE the social welfare of the people. Benjamin Disraeli. This is what your power can and should get you. Your total welfare completely secured.

This power should be maximally exicised in the coming 2015 general elections, Your Vote is Your Power to Secure Your Wefare.

The Politician is defined as “a person professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office”
An elected politician holds a position in trust for the people he represents and the good of the people should be the primary role of the politician.
I will let the following quotes do the talking…..

“The Power of The People is much Stronger than the People in Power” Wael Chonim

Most politicians believe in just one thing—-wining elections. They will say anything to get into office and stay there -Harry Brown

The only true allegiance a politician has is to his own re-election -Michelle Malkin

Politics is the business of tinkering with other people’s lives -Nolan Neathercut

The PEOPLE have the POWER to Make or Mar the POLITICIAN.



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