A friend in Lagos called ceaselessly bombarded with phone calls last Saturday when he couldn’t get his Permanent Voters Card (PVC) which Independent National Electoral Commission said would be distributed to voters in his Local Government Area in Lagos.

My friend with a tinge sadness in his voice said that he had been waiting since morning in his polling unit for the registration His frustration reached the peak when he requested me to get in him the phone number of the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Professor Attahiru Jega so that he can call him to vent his anger on him.

The experience of my friend in Lagos is just a pointer to the teething problems and frustration experienced million of Nigerians who couldn’t get their PVC since INEC started the exercise across the country. The tardiness and shoddiness shown by INEC has frustrated the desire and expectation of Millions of Nigerians to get a PVC which they intend to use in the forthcoming general election in the country to exercise their inalienable right of participating in how their country is govern.

The hiccups experienced by exasperated voters in getting their PVC have shown that INEC is not just ready to conduct a fair, credible and transparent election in the country.

It is wrong and indeed criminal for INEC in response to a huge outcry over its sloppiness in distributing PVC to advice those that have not collected their PVC to go and register again!

Perhaps INEC has forgotten that double registration is a crime and that however indulges in automatically loses his right to vote.

Despite the shortcoming and administrative ineptitude shown by INEC, I will urge Nigerians not to despair.

It is important to ensure that we get PVC. Possession of PVC is the surest passport in getting our leaders from the Federal to State levels that have live to their campaign promises thrown out of office come 2015.

We must have seen that government is too serious a business to be left in the hands of corrupt, selfish, visionless and incompetent leaders.

We do not vote how we expect to change these leaders that have failed us. If we do not have PVC how do we vent our anger on these leaders by voting them out of power on Election Day?

We adopt I don’t care attitude to governance; then how do sort those little things that government is suppose to do to make our lives worth living?

Nigerians must demand accountability from INEC and engage it in a very civil and constitutionally manner to make it alive to its statutorily responsibilities.

Culled From: Okoi Obono-Obla

Best regards,

Daniel ‘Seun



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