Voting Right Movement is a Nigerian based, non governmental organization whose aim is to educate the electorate on the way to exercise the power of the ballot and liberate our nation from the shackles of incompetent people through a disenfranchisement counter to make for the multitude who will be unable to vote.

The main aim of the Voting Right Movement is to inform, educate and urge electorates to act and restore the glory of our nation. To encourage youths to refuse to be used as tools for violence during and after election. To refuse to wallow in ignorance while incompetent people take on leadership and run our nation aground. To refuse to be bought by peanuts stolen from our collective wealth. To refuse to be quiet and docile to what is happening in the political circle and realizing that the security and welfare of the people is the primary purpose of the government.

To use the disenfranchisement counter, logon to
Facebook: Voting Right Movement
Twitter: @vrmnigeria


Best regards,

Daniel ‘Seun



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