JONATHANISM is a life threatening infection caused by a notorious, multi-drug resistant organism called GEJ. It manifested as endemic disease in Nigeria. It’s main symptoms include; poverty, in-discipline, bribery, corruption, theft, insecurity, unemployment, pooreducation, bad roads, poor health care & no electricity supply among others. The current drugs found to be effective against the organism include; Atikucyline, Buharimycin, Kwankwasilline, Amechicillin and Tinibustan all available in APC Pharmacy nationwide. The Doctors in charge of spreading the disease were staff of APC hospital who left for PDP Referral Medical Center:1. Consultant Ali modu sheriff 2. Surgeon General Shekarau3. Dr. N. RibaduSome experts believed that high dose of Protesting can also eradicate it but with potential side effects. The most recent research has confirmed that judicious use of PVC ( your permanent voters card) at the right dosage (2015 election) will surely eradicate all the diseases as well as their side effects. Please share to achieve the change we need in Nigeria

Culled from an unknown

Best regards,

Daniel ‘Seun




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