Vows / Promises made by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan compiled by Olusegun Dada:

(All Africa, Jan 19, 2010) Jonathan vows to consolidate the gains of the [Niger Delta] amnesty #GEJBookOfVows

Christian Science Monitor, April 13, 2010]
New Nigerian President Vows Electoral Reform Before Next Year’s Vote #GEJBookOfVows

AllAfrica, 24 February 2011]
Jonathan Vows to Prosecute Those Behind Violence #GEJBookOfVows

AllAfrica, Apr 15, 2011]
Jonathan vows to end Boko Haram menace #GEJBookOfVows

AFP, April 19, 2012]
Jonathan vows ‘major changes’ for Nigeria #GEJBookOfVows

Dailymotion, April 20, 2011.
Jonathan Vows to Return Nation to Order #GEJBookOfVows

Vanguard, 21 April 2011.
Nigeria: President Jonathan vows to address falling education standard #GEJBookOfVows

[Voice of America, May 30, 2011]
Corruption: No more sacred cows, Jonathan vows #GEJBookOfVows

Associated Press, August 27, 2011]
UN Building Bombing – Jonathan Vows to Track Down Bombers #GEJBookOfVows

*[Daily Trust, August 28, 2011]
Jonathan Vows To Crush Terror Groups, Says Sponsors of Terror groups now unveiled #GEJBookOfVows

Sun, Sep 28, 2011]
President Jonathan Vows to Combat Security as Nigeria Celebrates its 51st Independence Day #GEJBookOfVows

IQ4News, October 1, 2011]
Jonathan Vows to get bombers #GEJBookOfVows

Africa Review, October 3, 2011]
Jonathan vows war on crime as Nigeria turns 51 #GEJBookOfVows

National Daily Newspaper, November 6, 2011]
Jonathan vows to protect Nigerians #GEJBookOfVows

CNN, December 25, 2011]
Nigeria’s president vows to bring those responsible for Christmas carnage in Nigeria to justice #GEJBookOfVows

*pointblanknewsonline December 26, 2011]President Jonathan Vows To Exterminate Boko Haram #GEJBookOfVows

Reuters, Dec 31, 2011]Jonathan vows to “crush terrorists” #GEJBookOfVows

[ThisDay, January 17, 2012]
We’ll wipe out Boko Haram – Jonathan #GEJBookOfVows

The Moment, February 3, 2012]
Jonathan vows to increase petrol refining capacity #GEJBookOfVows

ThisDay, Feb 21, 2012]
Jonathan vows to sack appointees over 2015 campaign #GEJBookOfVows

Channels TV, March 26, 2012]
Jonathan vows to replicate Asian Tiger feat in Nigeria #GEJBookOfVows

News Diary Online, March 26, 2012]
Jonathan vows to fast-track power masterplan #GEJBookOfVows

March 28, 2012, Yonhap News Agency, South Korea]
Jonathan Vows To End Boko Haram Menace In June #GEJBookOfVows

Premium Times, April 12, 2012)
Jonathan vows to end culture of favouritism #GEJBookOfVows

[Sun Newspapers, Apr 13, 2012]
I will deal with Boko Haram, Jonathan vows #GEJBookOfVows

Vanguard, April 15, 2012]
Jonathan vows to correct structural defects in education #GEJBookOfVows

AFP News, April 19, 2012]Jonathan vows to end Boko Haram menace #GEJBookOfVows

The Punch, April 26, 2012]…
Fuel Subsidy report: Presidency vows to bring culprits to book. #GEJBookOfVows

Nigerian Pilot, April 26, 2012]
Jonathan Vows To Punish Oil Thieves #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan vows to tackle high unemployment rate. (New Nigerian Newspaper. August 29, 2012) #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan vows to end fuel, rice imports. (Premium Times November 2, 2012) #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan vows to tackle flooding, sets up relief committee. (The Eagle. October 9, 2012) #GEJBookOfVows

Power will be stable before the end of 2013, Jonathan says. (Premium Times. Jan 24, 2013) #GEJBookOfVows

I’ll relentlessly fight corruption, Jonathan vows. (Nigerian tribune. March 31, 2012) #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan vows to ban medical treatment abroad (Osun Defender. Jan 22, 2013) #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan vows to surprise critics with achievements by 2013. ( Premium Times. Novemeber 16, 2012) #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan targets 3.5m jobs from agric sector by 2015 (Thisday. May 1, 2012) #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan vows to punish attackers of emir of kano. (Pointblanknews. January 21, 2013) #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan promises economic growth in 2013, vows to move faster. (Punch, January 2, 2013) #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan Vows to Tackle Erosion in South East [AllAfrica, 24 February 2011] #GEJBookOfVows

Eagle Online: [January 2nd 2015] Jonathan vows to stabilize Naira #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan vows to hunt those behind Kano mosque attacks [November 29, 2014 • PM News] #GEJBookOfVows

[May 8, 2014. Wall Street Journal] Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Vows ‘End’ to Terrorists #GEJBookOfVows

Nigerian president vows to bring kidnapped girls home [May 29 2014. Toronto Star] #GEJBookOfVows

Jonathan vows to Tackle Corruption, Cost of Governance in 2014
[Thisday Live. 01 Jan 2014]

President Goodluck Jonathan Vows to Transform Nigeria
[June 1, 2011 African Globe] #GEJBookOfVows

The vows go on and on and on. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is a failure. If #GEJBookOfVows dont convince you. Nothing else will.



adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition:

– it is very unfortunate because a President / Leader MUST keep to his word, promises or vows. What has Jonathan Ebele to say about the above. I will ask a question;

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, do you have integrity? Yes or No.


Daniel Seun




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