Via Ayama A Ayama

The JTF Commanders on ground were reported to have been taken by surprise and shocked at Buhari’s daring request to proceed to Chibok immediately after the rally and refused to provide him security cover until they received a clearance from their superiors in Abuja.

GMB left for Chibok inspite of their refusal to go along with him and was moved when he came out
and saw the thousands of Civilian JTF members who had volunteered to provide security for him, the Borno Governor and their entourage to and from Chibok Town, and off they went.

The people and parents of Chibok were filled with hope and joy upon sighting Buhari and his entourage, and escorted him into Chibok with
singing and dancing.
After he addressed the people and parents of the girls, a pastor offered prayers for the safe return of Buhari and his entourage back home and for his victory at the polls.

The villagers got emotional and some of them started weeping when the General was getting set
to depart for Maiduguri later in the night !


Daniel ‘Seun



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