On Friday evening 8th May 2015, I drove by Garki Area 3 where banks are situated to get recharge card and sighted a man with disability selling recharge cards, mobile phones and biros. I stepped on my brake right in front of him and bought cards more than needed looking at him being physically challenged but he did not allow self pity or begging to be his trade but found something to do. With his permission, I got his picture snapped with my phone that I will do a little story about it.

Driving away from that location, I made another stop at Area 2 shopping complex to buy eggs and found another man who is also physically challenged by name Yusuf Musa who also trade in mobile phones and sales of recharge cards. I encouraged him and told him that I am overwhelmed meeting him and the other guy in less than 10 minutes who never allowed their physical condition to make them an object of pity but challenging life with their disability to fend for themselves.

I encourage Nigerians and everyone who find this piece to consciously encourage people that are physically challenged who in their situation find ability in some form of trade to patronize them so as to give them a sense of belonging.

With my Friday encounter, I challenge all those that have made begging a trade that presently, the able bodied people do more of begging than putting their brains to think of providing a solution which will earn them a living. I call this stack laziness which must not be condoned as they have so bastardized begging that people that are genuinely stranded and in dare need get ignored even by me.

Begging and laziness will never make you a better person and your life can never improve for making yourself miserable in the society.

Best regards,

Daniel ‘Seun




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