My heart has been heavy since Iearnt about the speech of a wicked soul called Alex BADEH who until recently was the Chief of Defence Staff, while under his watch Nigerian soldiers, citizens died; so many displaced and many lost everything they have ever had.

While we lost so many lives, Alex BADEH on the eve of Boko Haram attack on his home town Mubi, evacuated his family members with military helicopter. When he was asked by journalist why his town could be attacked he said it can happen in Lagos or anywhere, that was grossly irresponsible from a serving general who should be mad about the happening but he never bothered because the live of a single Nigerian do not matter to him, all that matter to him was the monies he was making from the budgets that was to be used to equip the military.

While Nigerians are victims of insurgence, same Alex BADEH is alleged to have built a massive estate on Airport Road in Abuja. 

It was also alleged that a female Nigerian Airforce Jet fighter who never missed her target while in Adamawa was removed from the battle field to Abuja to remain in the office and forbidden from speaking to the media. 

Why were soldier court marshaled under your watch as CDS? Why were you growing fat until there was change of baton from former President Jonathan?

Alex BADEH, I put it to you that you are amongst those persons that deceived former President Goodluck Jonthan though I was never his fan for being Lilly livered.

It is an abberation for you BADEH to say the military was ill equipped, what happened to all the monies that were to be used to purchase military equipment under Goodluck Jonathan? The 7th Senate lead by David Mark was also deceived to approve a whooping $1billion which we cried against.

Alex BADEH you are heartless and your hands are filled with blood.


Daniel ‘Seun Olatunde





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