I have read and heard several people talk on President Buhari not doing things right by not having his ministers working with him and my take on their plight is very different.

Ministers are political appointees who could be hired and fired at any giving time. I need Nigerians to understand that the Permanent Secretaries handle the whole job, yes we know they are corrupt but they can continue to be if the leadership have no grip on them. Civil servants will carry out their duties perfectly should the right leader be in place.

Presently, President Mohammadu Buhari is having a first hand report on the ministries, departments and parastatals. Should Ministers be appointed tomorrow, they cannot shield anything from Mr. President who has got a grasp on all the happenings. 

Also, by not appointing ministers yet, several millions that would have gone into their upkeep has been saved for the Nigerian people. Evidently, power has improved, petrol is available at N87, amounts paid on subsidy by the past administration has reduced tremendously, the military is back in full force, looters of our commonwealth have stated returning part of what they looted, there is serenity in the atmosphere of the nation, Justice that was delayed where the immigration fraud happened is now receiving attention, governors and other people who fly private jets like they are entering mass transit busses have stopped flying jet, commonsence revolution has started already.

I want to elaborate on the sale of Nitel/Mtel, how wicked will past leaders be? GSM operating licenses were sold to operators, Etisalat paid $400,000.00 (four hundred million dollars) to acquire their license and Jonathan government sold Nitel for $252,000 (two hundred and fifty two million dollars) is this not the height of wickedness? Nitel has got every infrastructure you can think of including submarine cables across the Atlantic, optic fibre, E1 lines and other infrastructure in the length and breath of Nigerian include remote locations. Why would it be sold at that unreasonable, dubious and wicked sum? Totally unacceptable and whoever bought Nigerians property for free has got no conscience same way PHCN was sold.

It is high time Nigerians start appreciating President Buhari, either you voted for him or not. Definitely the change to better the lots and lives of the Nigerians people and Nigeria as a whole is here.

Wisdom is profitable to direct.


Daniel ‘Seun




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