WHY I DON’T NEED REV IDAHOSA TO PRAY FOR ME (By Miriam Yakubu Ikunaiye from Buharian Culture Organization)

WHY I DON’T NEED REV IDAHOSA TO PRAY FOR ME (By Miriam Yakubu Ikunaiye from Buharian Culture Organization)
I am not impressed by this Dangote’s rag-to-riches story that has being making rounds in social media. The story is that young Dangote seated in an airplane, agreed to give up his seat to stranded Rev. Idahosa and in return the Rev. prayed for him to be the wealthiest person. I don’t know how authentic this story is but let’s assume it is, it does not impress me one bit. And I will tell you why.
When God said it will be possible for a carmel to pass through the eye of a  needle than a rich man to go to heaven; God was not joking.
I don’t need Rev. Idahosa to pray for me to be rich, if I can and if I am willing to get government to short down every legitimate hard working pure water sellers in order to give me the sole right to sell pure water to 170 million Nigerians for ore than 20 years. And be allowed to sell at hiked price at the expense of the citizens where many will die from thirst due to lack of affordability and availability.
That is what Dangote did for years and many died, many are still dying because of this evil monopoly, one-sided trade agreements, and privatisations that take control out of the hands of the ordinary people, especially the poorest.
Bamanga Tukur; alleged largest shareholder of Julius Berger Company may be responsible for the tragedy of Ajaokuta Steel Complex Limited (ASCL) due to inherent personal greed to corporate greed.
ASCL; a pride of Africa with over 50 tertiary industries, 4 longest rolling mills in Africa, with each larger than Jos, Katsina and Jebba rolling mills combined. With capacity of 500,000 direct employments and 1.5 million indirect employments.
It is equipped with training center larger than 3 private universities combined and can train 3000 students on craftmanship in 45 different courses at a go.
It has a power grid that can supply light to six nearby cities, and can supply water to a city twice the size of Abuja.
It has its own airport, train station, and seaport.
Due to this one sided market policy, one single man shuts it all down because it was producing at more quality iron at a competitive price.
Even though, this decision has resulted to massive unemployment, massive youth drug abuse and prostitution, increase in marital instability and breakdown in family fabric and incresed abject poverty and caused massive national economic sabotage but Julius Berger and it’s shareholders could careless.
While the Russian counterparts that participated in the Ajaokuta sabotage were prosecuted and executed in Russia, Julius Berger and it’s devil shareholder (s) were awarded more contracts with their heavily paid consultants still singing their praises and disseminating wrong information to the public
As it is, I am already tired of Nigerian life of Senegalese-wearing mindset. Everyday, dress up like it is Christmas;  wear shiny clothes, put matching earrings, bangles, rings, anklelets and do hair, do face, do legs just to go outside your own house.
The worst part are those primitive ones that have made their business to work up to one to say that what one is wesring does not match. I don’t know what that suppose to mean? Well, I feel deep pity for their shallow minds.
This kind of mindset has driven people to drain our national resources and subvert our democracy, fuelling poverty, inequality and injustice.
We have to mobilize for change, and act in solidarity to shun life of extravagance, showy attitude and unnecessary wastage.
Lets move towards a life of social enrichment where we can be our brothers’ keepers. where man is measured by his content of character and not what he is wearing.
We need a national movement to challenge the power,  produce research, make policy demands and take action to expose and confront this corporate killer greeds. Richness of the mind is worth much more than richness of the pocket. Therefore, whatever I do or say I do with H.I.M
Good lovely morning to you all of this great BC community that never sleeps and never stop learning. God Bless us all
Daniel ‘Seun

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