Yesterday 5th November 2015, 3 SAN and 24 other lawyers who represented the Accused Senate President, Bukola SARAKI to the Code of Conduct Tribunal never conducted themselves well as they staged a walk out on Justice Danladi Umar.

Remember, the accused Bukola SARAKI and his counsels have tried every possible means to stop the CCT from trying him on the offense of False Asset declaration. Having his case thrown out at the court of appeal the best SARAKI and his legal team could do is to fraustrate the process by planing with his legal team to stage a walk out.

Now the twist, who is the SAN that has the enfontry to walk out on the number 3 man in Nigeria as it stands presently? I tell you such a person will be fraustrated out of business. 

Senior Advocates appearance in court cost millions of Nigeria and who will do such without the backing of the accused who is ready to pay for their services, should they be fined for their affront against the tribunal, SARAKI is ready to foot the bill.

What Bukola Saraki has been able to achieve is to delay justice, fraustrate Justice because he crashed Societe General Bank and the question here is where are the customers monies that were in that bank? What is Saraki’s interest in Heritage Bank? Does he want the same to go under like SGBN?

The citizens who are down trodden cannot afford to pay for counsels spend years in jail but those who call themselves high and mighty that cannot substantiate their ill gotten wealth pay millions to thwart Justice.

SARAKI with money is trying to arm twist Justice in the nation. There is no need to sympathize with him as he scammed Nigerians by agreeing that his legal team stage a walk out to stale the process, for him to buy time and frustrate the process.

Now SARAKI will get another team of lawyers / SAN who will be paid millions, they will appear at the tribunal on the next adjourned date, they shall request for time to study the case which will be minimum of three weeks, they will also dragged the process which will be prolonged till the end of 2015 and so on.

The above is how SARAKI scammed Nigerians to woo sympathy. 

Nigerians, wake up and smell the coffee, SENATE PRESIDENT BUKOLA SARAKI HAS JUST SCAMMED YOU.


Daniel ‘Seun




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