Dear Mr. President,

I want to use this medium to first congratulate you as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

You have stepped into the number one position when the country has been ran aground but we believe that you would be able to salvage the situation, rebuild a new foundation that will accommodate a beautiful Nigeria of our dreams. However, the expectations of the populace is that some decisive measures would have been taking in tackling some issues of corruption that is lingering too long. One or two persons should have had their permanent abode at Kuje or Kirikiri prisons.

I need to state clearly that so many people who benefited from the rot in the previous administration are still around you in the villa and MDAs. Many people that fought for the change have still not seen anything meaningful to hold onto.

Mr. President, you need advisers who will look you at the face and tell you how things are going and not those that will be afraid to talk to you.

We appreciate the effort of the military and this is as a result of your decisiveness in tackling the Boko Haram insurgence that has bedeviled the nation for several years. However, you need to do more. You are not giving the citizens confidence as you have shut everyone out.

Mr. President, there is need for you to address our fears with positive words; boost our ergo like you said when the Aljazeerah reporter asked you a question in Kano during the campaign days about boko haram and your response I quote “WHO IS BOKO HARAM?” Positive words that will boost the morale the citizens and that of our military who are fighting the gorilla war.

You don’t have to do a broadcast but you can have a 2 minutes video of encouraging words to the Nigerian people, which would be released on social media like you did with the Christmas message and others when you were still seeking for our mandate.

Mr. President, do not make Nigerians feel you are too far from them.

Mr. President, I have very big problem with your media team and they are part of your challenge as they are supposed to be innovative and tact but so many people are very disappointed at them.

First, Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina tweet official messages from the presidency on their personal twitter handle, this is very wrong as we do not care to know them but there MUST be an official twitter handle for the Presidency where official information is shared. Why should taxpayers money be spent on them to promote themselves? It is unacceptable. I tweet at both Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu about the aforementioned but they never responded.

Secondly, Bayo Omoboriowo use his personal Instagram page to send official Presidential pictures. This same handle he use to promote his wife’s juice business are we a joke? This is extremely unprofessional and unacceptable.

Mr. President, I speak from the Office of the Citizens and asked that you call your media team to order and they MUST do things right and professionally.

Thank you for looking into the above issues raised.

God bless Nigeria!

Best regards,

Daniel ‘Seun





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