Thanks for your piece of 19 November, 2015 titled: ‘where are the Chibok Campaigners?’ After plumbing the article published by your DAILY SUN newspaper, I was convinced that you are suffering from anxiety neurosis, symptomatic of cerebral insufficiency and evanescence. It is a bummer that you are an old journalist in Nigeria and failed to fathom and establish the veracity of abduction of the Chibok school girls on April 14, 2014.

Since you are blinkered, callow and misguided in your representation of this horrendous case of inhumanity, that actually over three hundred girls taking their school certificate examinations were kidnapped from Chibok by Boko Haram insurgents; I wish to inform you that the Bring Back Our Girls, an active member of which I am, have been putting pressure on stakeholders in and out of the country, keeping watch by sacrificing their times, talents and treasures to ensure the return of the girls back to the bosom of their parents and loved ones. As part of my erudition to you, Amanze Obi, I hereby attach two documents:

  1. A documentary of the Chbok girls abduction and the attendant reactionary campaign activities of the Bring Back Our Girls from 14 April, 2014 till date with bibliographies
  2. LESSONS FROM THE BRING BACK OUR GIRLS LEADERSHIP , expounding the structure, operations and integrity of this quintessential futuristic Nigerian group

Concerning the grotesque issue of the abducted Chibok girls, there are two sets of facts that you, Mr. Amanze Obi, will absorb and disseminate to fellow Nigerians: one, during the regime of President Goodluck Jonathan, two, in relation to the present salvaging government of President Muhammadu Buhari, the martinet dwelling on punctiliousness. You should answer before the Nigerian people the following salient questions:

  1. Are you aware that then Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, David Mark, while on a funeral session in Delta State in May, 2014 expressed outrage over the kidnap of the Chibok school girls by insurgents? (THE SUN Nig., May 5, 2014, p. 7)
  2. Do you know that Amnesty International claimed Nigerian commanders were warned that armed men were beginning to arrive near Chibok where the girls were kidnapped from their school, but the military were unable to raise enough troops to respond? (FRANCE 24 with AP, AFP: May 10, 2014)
  3. Do you know that the UN Security Council expressed “profound outrage” at Boko Haram’s abduction of 276 schoolgirls on April 14 and eight girls on May 5, and demanded their immediate and unconditional release? ( Leadership Nig. Online: May 10, 2014)
  4. Do you know that the credibility and competence of the Nigerian Government under President Good Luck Jonathan was challenged by former United States First Lady, Senator Hillary Clinton, who accused the Jonathan Administration of ineptitude, debauchery and monumental corruption which precipitated the country into rot and insecurity and consequent abduction of the Chibok girls? (Sahara Reporters :on Hilary Clinton Posted May 9, 2014)
  5. Are you aware that porosity and corruption of the Nigerian Army under Goodluck Jonathan hampered the war against insurgents and impeded efforts to rescue the Chibok school girls as reported by the United States? ( THE SUN May 16, 2014, p.1, 5, and 16; May 22, 2014, p.2)
  6. Do you know that past President Goodluck Jonathan instructed Nigerians to direct their protests on the Chibok girls to Boko Haram?
  7. Do you know that The Bring Back Our Girls group made concerted and patriotic efforts to meet with then Mr. President on the fate of the abducted young women to no avail? (The PUNCH , May 23, 2014, p.8)
  8. Do you know that while speaking on the Hausa Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on June 12, 2014, former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, acknowledged having access to the Boko Haram, divulged the deplorable state of the abducted girls in the den of the terrorists and blamed the Federal Government under Goodluck Jonathan for stalling the peace talks with the rebels? (PEOPLES DAILY June 13, 2014, p.1, 2)
  9. Did you record as a journalist that the Federal Capital Territory High Court, Maitama Abuja declared on October 30, 2014 that the Bring Back Our Girls have the legitimate right to protest to the Nigerian Government for the rescue of the Chibok girls? ( Octoer 30, 2014))
  10. Do you know that the Nigerian Army announced a major breakthrough in its fight against Boko Haram insurgents on June 30, 2014? In a press briefing, the Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, revealed the arrest of one Babuji Ya’ari suspected to be a mastermind of the Chibok Girls abduction on April 14, 2014. (THE SUN July 1, 2014 p.1)
  11. Did you record that on July 22 being Day 99 of the abduction of the Chibok School Girls, President Good Luck Jonathan in a conference with the parents of the girls and local community leaders assured the parents that he was doing everything humanly possible to secure release of the girls? (Vanguard; DAILY TRUST July 23, 2014 p.1)
  12. Do you know that the Washington Post stated on September 9 that: ‘while #BringBackOurGirls was just a brief cause célèbre in the West… it echoed the larger frustrations of a society that has little faith in its political leadership’. (The Washington Post Sept 9, 2014)
  13. Did you record as a stringer that Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, in September deplored the mockery of the #Bring Back Our Girls Campaign in Nigeria by a group demanding #Bring Back Goodluck Jonathan instead of the abducted Chibok Girls.? (Sahara reporters September 13, 2014)
  14. Are you aware, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as reported by Colin Freeman of The Telegraph on September 18, 2014, was mediating between the Nigerian Government and Boko Haram for the release of the abducted Chibok girls?
  15. Are you aware that some of the abducted Chibok school girls escaped from the jungle of insurgents relaying stories of torture, rape, mutilation and despondency, and were delivered to security agents? (The New York Post October 13, 2014, The New Telegraph Nig, October 14, 2014 p.1)
  16. Do you know that the Nigerian Government under former President Goodluck Jonathan reached a cease-fire agreement with Boko Haram, to free the Chibok Girls, as announced by the Presidency and the Nigerian Army, and Barack Obama warned that the truce should be respected? THE NATION: News, Politics, Home October 18, 2014 p.1; VOA Listen News / Africa October 18, 2014; News/ 20/10/2014)
  17. Do you have it as a journalist that the Nigerian Army rescued over one thousand two hundred women and children from the den of insurgents in the forests of north eastern Nigeria, and two hundred and fourteen of them were at various stages of pregnancy? Did that not indicate that more number than the Chibok girls of teenage women were abducted? Was that not a confirmation of the cause of the Bring Back Our Girls group? (DAILY SUN May 4, 2015 pp 1-6)

Having established the veracity of the abduction of the Chibok school girls, let me take you to the response and actions of President Muhammadu Buhari towards the insurgency in the north east and the rescue of the kidnapped Chibok girls languishing in the wild.

  1. Immediately he took over power President Muhammadu Buhari instructed the transfer of the military command from Abuja to Maiduguri for a more effective anti-terror operation.
  2. Since his inauguration President Buhari has through security Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, and the operations of the army secured all the major roads in the northeast ; hence the cumbersome roadblocks have been removed and citizens move about freely to transact their daily businesses, and many rustics have been liberated from the hold of insurgents and resettled to normal life. .
  3. On the 8th of July 2015, the Bring Back Our Girls crusade group at last had a meeting with President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, on the fate of 219 Chibok school girls still suffering in the lair of Boko Haram terrorists, the President firmly promising to quell the calamitous insurgency and rescue the abducted girls back to Nigerians. The past government had always rebuffed the humanitarians group.
  4. President Muhammadu Buhari made the strong statement that the war against Boko Haram cannot be assumed to be won without the rescue of the Chibok school girls.

(Vanguard News July 09, 2015;; THE NATION News July 09, 2015; Daily Trust Lead stories Thursday, 09 July 2015 04:01)

  1. For the first time in the history of Nigeria there is a ferocious battle against endemic corruption which has resulted in the prosecution of financial crime suspects in and outside the country and recovery of various sums of money from treasury looters.
  2. President Muhammdu Buhari has displayed patriotism and humanity by initiating dialogue with south eastern Governors towards resolution of the Biafra issue which has been ignored by successive Nigerian governments since 1970. This is the mark of a statesman and peace lover, and a government of unity.

From the revelations above you are hereby thought, since you are pixilated on the subject, that the whole world is aware that over 300 school girls from Chibok were hijacked by rebels in April 2014. A group of respectable and patriotic Nigerians under the aegis of Bring Back Our Girls, irked by this bestial and contemptible act, assembled to compel the Nigerian government and other stakeholders to rescue the distressed young women. I have munificently presented to you the diary of the adduction events and citizens’ action of the Bring Back Our Girls in consequence. I would like you, in the interest of nobility and patriotism, to publish this rejoinder and the accompanying diary and lessons from the BBOG group, especially in your SUN Newspaper. This will be of great advantage to fellow Nigerians and our budding nation at large, in relation to the issue of the Chibok girls about which you are disappointedly befuddled.

Long live the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Okenwa Enyeribe—B. Pharm.

Head, Revolutionary Council of the Nigerian People,

E-mail:  Tel: 08059853212


Daniel ‘Seun






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