Over 35 years of my life as a citizen of Nigeria, I have known the good, the bad and the ugly parts of religion. We were brought up with the right values and the fear of the Lord / Allah which makes everyone cautious of the right thing.
I have personally concluded that RELIGIOUS LEADERS are supposed to be custodians of MORALES in our society, they are supposed to set the right tone and values for a nation state since majority of the citizens have their believe in one religion or the other. However, this is not so because most of our religious leaders are now BUSINESSMEN and WOMEN, PASTORPRENUERS, IMAMPRENUERS.

The clerics are supposed to be respected in the society and they have converted the honours given them to defraud the already impoverished and gullible citizens who are seeking miracles to have better lives.

Some Pastorprenuers will ask their congregations to sow seeds that their lives will improve financially, that they will have miracle jobs; how can this happen when they have no jobs? The income that goes to churches by the way of tithes and offerings are not being tax and such monies cannot be used to build industries for tomato paste, mango / orange processing plants and the quantity of tomatoes and mangos that are wasted in places like Jos – Plateau, Benue State can be converted into wealth that can improve the lives of the society but the clerics prefer to buy luxury cars, Jets, estates, build schools that only looters and only high net worth individuals can attend from offerings and tithes collected from the already impoverished citizens who may not be able to even pay their children’s school fees in a public school of N1,500.00 which the looters have stolen the future and dreams of the down trodden in the society.

The looters steal the nation blind; push some of the ill-gotten wealth to some churches, mosques etc and the so called morale leaders do not care where the money comes from, they only pray for the dream killers to do more.

The government cannot attend to all the need of the citizens but to create an enabling environment where businesses can thrive and citizens live better lives. The problem of the nation in the past that leads to inability of the government to provide these basics is as a result of the LOOTERS who religious leaders encourage to steal the nation to pop and bring the blood money into their churches and mosques etc.

The bible encourages that the truth be said at all time but the clerics in Nigeria have mortgaged the truth for the LOOTS. I can say that the atrocities that has happened in the land i.e: deaths, bad roads, dilapidated hospital / death zones, lack of electricity and all anomalies in the nation can blamed on the religious leaders who encourage evil.

Some churches set up programs during working hours and encourage people to come meaning they don’t expect you to have a job? For those who are working, you lie to your bosses that you are sick or something, steal your employer’s time and they expect to be blessed by God? Bible says see a man diligent in his WORK, he shall stand before kings not ordinary men (Proverbs 22:29)

Clerics have encouraged laziness in the name of miracles; the gullible ones who lack intelligence and do not have confidence in their ability to make positive impact are tossed up and down like YOYO.

It is time for citizens to get up, work hard and the God that you serve will reward your hand work and prosper you.

Why do I blame clerics? Some people will say to me that the bible says “touch not my anointed” the pastorprenuers use this phrase a lot for the gullible ones. In the book of Jeremiah, the bible says “Before you were formed in the womb, God knew you and ordained you a prophet unto the nations” who told you that you are not anointed? It is because you are too lazy to study the scriptures and find your place.

The bible enjoins us to be like the Barian Christians who go back to check what a preacher says if it is correct in the Bible which is our guide. There is need for everyone to study their Bible/Quran and not to be tossed like the wave of the sea where some so called cleric(s) will dazzle you and you fall for their gimmicks as a result of your ignorance (it is said that if you put treasures in a book for a Nigerian, they will NEVER access it because they will not study). It is time for you to break free from bondage of clerics!

The first verse of the Quran says “Iqra” – Read.

Until the citizens of Nigeria are delivered from Mental slavery which the CLERICS have perfected, in swindling the people, we have very long way to go.

Clerics, if you know that you are not in the category of those who have plunged the nation then speak out and very loud against the evil in the land.


Daniel ‘Seun




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