Senator Dino Melaye is my older friend and brother as he fondly call me Aburo. 
Sir, with due respect to you as egbon, I am gonna disagree with you on this issue of reversal of subsidy removal.
The 2016 appropriation bill (budget) was at the National Assembly for months, should you guys be finicky and put the people’s interest first, you would have raised an alarm that subsidy was significantly removed from the 2016 budget not engaging in other things like amendment of CCT/ACJA act, turning down bill on gender equality, trying to regulate the social media. 
What the 8th National Assembly have gotten themselves involved with since inception is selfishness. This is unacceptable.
The removal of fuel subsidy is not a funny one because we are facing very hard times and untold pains but they are actually necessary for the nation to get out of the quagmire of poverty and close the gap between the rich and the poor.
My take is that, should the 8th National Assembly care about the Nigerian people, if subsidy must be removed, it should have been done in phases i.e: instead to have it totally removed, let’s assume N200billion was the last budget for subsidy, it could be reduced to N65Billion while informing Nigerians to get prepared that by 2017 Subsidy will be totally removed.
Distinguished sir, I put it to you that your ultimatum that the President reverse the subsidy cannot work because the 8th National Assembly failed to point out the subsidy not being in the budget but were busy padding the budget and removing major projects that will benefit the people.
What has the House of Representatives done to Abdulmimuni Jubril who padded the budget with about N4.3Billion in plan to line his pocket?
Distinguish Senator Dino Melaye, I put it to you that the 8th National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has failed from inception.
I also challenge Senator Shehu Sani who is also against the removal of subsidy and others in like minds with you that 8th NATIONAL ASSEMBLY BROUGHT UNTOLD HARDSHIP ON NIGERIANS AS THEY FAILED IN THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.
Daniel ‘Seun


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