I sat down this morning to think about the Lagos state I was born in, were I started my life, how I lived in Festac Town and worked at Lekki, the traffic fraustration that made me love my current city of residence where I have been living for ten years.

Looking at what the former governor Babatunde Fashola was able to achieve and what the current governor Akinwunmi Abode has done and what he is working on presently and will do but concluded that YES TINUBU is not a saint but his choices of people to govern Lagos state is not a selfish one but for the betterment and forward movement of the state.

Should Bola Tinubu have turn his blind spot on Lagos State, it would have been worse that the Niger Delta region we have today.

Yes so many people wail that he own Lagos by having investments in Lagos and my question is, Should he invest in Ghana? He has done the best thing in Lagos state by changing the Lagos I grew up. Those who have been complaining, what have they contributed to change the state or where they reside?

Most governors and past leaders NEVER improved their state as they only stole the future of the state and do not care if the the state have hope for the future their only plan is to impoverish their people the more.

Tinubu’s vision is larger than himself, he even look for ways to better the lots of the Nigerian people by doing all he could to ensure Buhari becomes Nigeria’s president to better the future of the citizens seeing how past administrations have stolen the future of the citizens.

I conclude that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an icon.

Best regards,

Daniel ‘Seun 


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