I still have not gotten out of what I read yesterday from Okolo Oteri Eme wall about experiences on consultancy in recent times which bring me to talk about the decay in the nation.

Our parents lived better lives at their young age, they had the best of Nigeria but were docile to hold the system accountable as a result of being obedient, religious and the DO NOTS! However, some of us got trained with the same iron hand while some were given free hand.

In school those days there was no dichotomy between the rich and the poor, inter house sport was fun and a very big event to look forward to, where we celebrate winners, the first second and third positions. The children of the rich learn from the children of the poor, they make good friends and sometimes some rich families will take care of the needs of the children of the poor, they sometimes travel with the children of the poor, you do not know the difference, family bond is formed and sometimes the rich ones bring the family of the poor out of the quagmire of being poor to middle class.

What happened? Where did the hate come from? who dug the gulf that swallowed the middle class and made them poor? why were the poor suppressed to impoverishment?

This is the wickedness that we grew up to know, where greed took the place of values and the greedy ones only look for ways to steal and have been stealing blindly which affected every fabric of the society and made the upcoming look up to having untold wealth that birthed drug paddling, YAHOO, 419, every form of scam. This is not the vision of the Nigeria our great grand parents saw.

The religion that was sold to us did not have connotations of GREED but to enhance MORAL VALUE, Believe in a SUPREME Being GOD who sees all things, but religious leaders today have turned it to Entrepreneurship which is a money spinner where looters are given front seat and recognition because of there contributions of our STOLEN / LOOTED COMMONWEALTH to that sector and those CRIMINAL minded Religious leaders pray for them to do more. The members of such religious outfit turn into any vice to compete. Now a big question, Is religion is blessing or a curse to our nation Nigeria?

Values are long buried, Morals no where to be found! Where have we missed it as a people? where did we go wrong as a nation?

It is time for us to unearth values, it is time to Bring Back our Morals, It is time for our Humanity to be restored then our nation can be aligned with the vision for Nigeria.

God bless the citizens of Nigeria

God bless Nigeria as a Nation


Daniel Seun Olatunde




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