I woke up this morning with a dream, we were at a gathering of very familiar faces where they were all going back and forth to make contributions and they amount charge was N49,000.00 (forty nine thousand naira) which was equivalent to £100 (one hundred pounds).

I then asked a question yet in the dream what the monies were made for, the response I got was to buy rings for those who don’t have wedding rings, wedding gowns and befitting cloths for aged ones when they die. Instantly, I was raged and asked the following questions yet in my dream:

  1. What has been done by the churches for the IDPs
  2. Millions of citizens are ravage in the North East and all over the nation what has the church done?

This brings me to the “Failure of Nigerian Church that Instituted Poverty”

I am disgruntled about the churches in Nigeria today as they have failed in all ramifications to instill their core mandate to enroot morals in the people which would have made our society better than it is. They have turned their elevated platforms into gimmick platforms for personal gains whereas gullible impoverished citizens are shortchanged by the system drop their hard earned money in exchange for some kinds of miracles!

The clerics from both predominant religious bodies in Nigeria have become accomplice with politicians who neither have entrepreneurial competence but loot the nation’s treasury and share with these morally bankrupt religious leaders whose automobiles can build a number of factories but their greed would NEVER make them think of the citizens and I ask: WHERE IS OUR HUMANITY?

Our churches now involve themselves in some form of outreach where medical examination is administered to those who disadvantaged and I ask, why can’t HOSPITALS be built and the citizens who benefit from such medical aid once probably in a year can either work as cleaners, get their hands dirty and earn a living with improved medicals.

Some of these Pastorprenuers while preaching mention United Arab Emirate and her Glamour, I dare to say those are people who look into the future, turned a desert into what they see today. I can only shake my head in pity and wish they could know a little about His Highness sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


Today there is a Dangote who is a household name that you rarely find a family who may not consume his product. Several rice farms mills coming up in the North and I ask the question where are those churches that are richer than NNPC? What have they done about the IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)

Until citizens put their acts together, get their hands dirty and stop seeking miracles, Nigeria will remain where she is. Why are things working in Benin Republic the small country next to Nigeria?

Our morality and value system need to be revisited.


Daniel ‘Seun






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