The PDP has recently been making outlandish statements and accusations against the APC and the government of President Muhammadu Buhari. Despite the fact that it brought Nigeria to its current economic woes, this party of treasury looters and murderous gangsters have become emboldened in recent time and is taking advantage of the bad economic situation that it brought upon the nation, preparatory to returning to power maybe in 2019. God forbid. Its new found proclivity is issuing frivolous press statements against APC and President Buhari based on the current economic challenges the country is going through. The party has forgotten that facts are sacred and cannot be manipulated. But even by its low standard, the PDP has plumbed the depth of irresponsibility with its latest claims against the new regime accusing Buhari and the APC of being responsible for the economic crisis Nigeria is in today.

But sincerely speaking, we don’t have the PDP to blame, APC and especially Mr President gave them the opportunity to continue to insult our sensibilities. President Muhammadu Buhari through his actions and inactions has empowered and emboldened a criminal organisation that Nigerians wanted extinct, to the extent that it is attempting to take advantage of its own ugly past to demonize the government of the day. Today they are not only shamelessly accusing the APC and Mr President of being wicked to Nigerians even when they are fully aware that the current situation was as a result of their 16 years of reckless looting and squander, but they are scheming to destroy hope even where it exist.
First of all, President Buhari in his inaugural speech claimed to belong to everybody and nobody. That was a beautiful speech but an arm-string statement that set the tone for the re-emergence of PDP distillers on the stage. How could you run on the mantra of change and end up belonging to everybody including those that you were supposed to change? The reason Nigerians voted against the PDP was because they knew they are a bunch of criminals that the nation must distance itself from if it wanted to make progress. Rather than abolish them, Mr President included them going forward, thereby creating an opportunity for them to reinvent themselves. 

Secondly, as a follow up to the first PDP empowerment, Mr President said he was not interested in who became leaders of the National Assembly. That was a big blunder, because the anchor for a democratic governance is the legislature and you cannot seek to make changes without tempering with laws that empowers corruption and of which they are key, especially its leadership. 

Not only did that blunder occur, it did at the expense of the political structure that delivered the change mantra. Bola Tinubu and other political leaders in APC were sacrificed and unnecessarily exposed as the contending forces for legislative power saw them as the only impediment since Mr President had created an express way for the hijack of the National Assembly by saying he was comfortable with whatever characters that took the chambers.

Not only did that singular act devalue the platform upon which President Buhari rose to power, it weakened his power base and showed him off as individualistic, a non team player and maybe a betrayal of partnership. Today, it is obvious that APC is no longer in charge of its own affairs; PDP is in control of the National Assembly, with Saraki as its prisoner of conscience based on the deal he rushed into out of desperation. And one wonders how change will occur without the outright backup of the legislature which is supposed to constitutionalize the APC reforms.

Furthermore, President Buhari wasted time in removing PDP members on various boards of agencies and politically appointed civil servants who were their agents, and replacing them with APC members. Up till date, some PDP appointees are still in charge and their politically appointed civil servants are yet to be weeded out. Any wonder the 2016 budget was roundly padded? 

It is unheard of that a party with a political philosophy will win an election and another party with divergent philosophy will help it run its agenda. It can never work. There are parallels in this country in terms of values; no amount of trying to appease anybody can change it. You cannot have APC people labour for change and ask PDP to run it that is a panacea for failure. No other structure anywhere in the world can deliver this change except the APC. All members of the party across the 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT constitute the greatest building blocks for change; any other structure is tantamount to a leaking basket. The struggle by the likes of Barbachair, the current Secretary to Federal Government and his Chief of Staff counterpart to control government can only make them rich it will not deliver the good; only the congregation of party faithfuls can drive the agenda.

Mr President needs to harness the enormous potentials available in the APC and stop empowering the PDP. Up till today, most contracts in Nigeria including food and decoration of the Villa are still being handled by PDP contactors, not even APC women leaders are remembered. When events are held in the Villa, PDP members, women and youths get invitation when APC members are not invited because the party is not carried along. The recently launched social orientation project “Change Begins With Me” was awarded to a known Jonathan supporter. To the extent that PDP members appointed by President Buhari created a support group known as I Stand With Buhari, led and populated by PDP members at the expense of over one thousand organizations that supported Buhari to win the presidential election who have been abandoned. These groups including those who risked their lives to protect President Buhari as security volunteers during the campaign were not only abandoned, appointees of Mr President continuously obstruct them from having access to Mr President for their selfish gain with PDP adherents.

Yet, PDP is not sparing President Buhari, neither are they ready to stop their arm-twist and propaganda against him, even when they know that they created the problem that the nation is in today.

PDP is not ready to reciprocate APC gesture of offering solution rather they are seeking to take advantage of the current situation. But I remember that when Nigeria under PDP was being destroyed by Boko Haram insurgency, APC offered some valuable advice to them which is exactly the strategy that is being used today to defeat the terrorist group. APC suggested discernible counter-terrorism strategy that will clearly identify the multiple means for preventing, responding and defeating terrorist groups, including the alignment of political, military, social and economic instruments and objectives to successfully battle any insurgency.

It was APC that called for improved intelligence gathering, the aligning of military and political solutions, the need to de-radicalize the affected areas as well as to invest in research that will give more insight into the different aspects of Boko Haram, including its ideology, leadership structure, profile of members, internal organization, sources of funding and weapons and links to diaspora.

They did stress the need to widen the scope of our response to include the sub-regional bloc ECOWAS and the continental body African Union, especially since Boko Haram had assumed a regional dimension. They called for a Marshall Plan of sorts for the North-east, not the paltry 2 billion Naira which the FG provided as recovery fund to the six North-east states, at least four of which were worse-hit by the insurgency.

And they called for an end to inter-agency rivalries that had weakened the fight against the terrorists, as they advocated the need to lift the morale of our gallant men and women in uniform who were battling the insurgency, instead of the huge funds that were allocated for the purpose of upgrading their equipment ending in the deep pockets of fat cats.

That is the role that PDP is not ready to play, they have no positive advice to give but negative insinuation to discourage the populace just to deceive them to get back to power and continue their looting business.

This is a wakeup call to Mr President not only to empower APC members now, but to also sweep his government clean of anything PDP and to intensify effort at arresting and prosecuting everything in PDP that was part of the mess we are in today. These people are going all out to bring down this government; they and their allies’ in government are deep in the trenches to paint this government black and to tumble it eventually when they get the opportunity. Mr President should return home and make use of APC structures to deliver change and stop wasting valuable time trying to accommodate PDP; it will destroy his government. Let him not say he was not told. 

Written by Great Imo Jonathan is a PR, Media and Business Development Consultant and a Buhari Supporter.

Warm regards!
Daniel ‘Seun Olatunde
Email: danielseun@citizensofimpact.org

Web: http://www.citizensofimpact.org

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