Just curious, how much revenue does FCTA makes in outdoor advertizing per annum? Probably close to zero! But see how vulture companies handling outdoor advertizing are burying the city in a forest of billboards.

While efforts are being made around the world to keep 21st century cities free of eyesore outdoor advertizing, Abuja city is been consumed by gargantuan oversized billboards.

Just like everything else in Abuja, outdoor advertising is growing at an exponential rate. From airport road to Central area, Abuja is saturated with countless billboards.

I wonder if the authority is aware that billboards not only constitute sight pollution, it can cause road accidents?

These oversized digital display billboards with steadily flashing lights can be eye-catching distraction and can blind sight motorists and cause fatal accidents.

Like all our public parks and recreation, so is the outdoor advertizing turned into massive profit making business with massive return on zero investment.

The least we should do to these kinds of businesses with potential to put residents at risks and exploit the government immeasurably, is to closely monitor and strictly regulate with heavy taxation, fines, and criminalize violators.

By the way, how about we join the rest of 21st century urban cities like New York, Tehran, Paris etc to ban outdoor advertising? And instead, replace it with magnificent wall arts? that’s celebrating creativity!

It is me, Miriam Yakubu Ikunaiye, competing loudly for the attention of Honorable Minister of FCT in areas of pollution and exploitation.

Join BeTheChange Organization for OCCUPYNASS www.bcocampaign.org or www.occupy.org.ng and Donate! Mobilize!! and Join the crusade!!!



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