Dear Senators & Members of NAss,

Unless you take your duties as national responsibilities for the people, unless you serve Nigerians in all earnestly, unless you connect with people that elect you, you will not find it easy to move freely in the society. This is not that the people do not like your faces, it is because you don’t like the faces of people that gave you the mandate. Majority of you are mere actors on the stage, not people’s representatives. You pretend beyond your capacity of acting and you end up fumbling. If you are in doubt with this claim, kindly reflect on the following:
How did you come about your nomination as individual candidate prior to your elections to the National Assembly? Did you manipulate the ground rules to emerge or you induce (bribe) the party stakeholders and took some blood oaths to champion some spiritual course? How about the level of desperation that made you look for huge amount of money as loan just to finance your campaign? Were you doing it out of patriotism? Meaning, you so much love Nigeria and the people that you could go this far just to serve the people or it was because of the opportunities in National Assembly?
Mr. & Mrs. Distinguished and Honourable, your title alone is enough an alibi against your conscience. To be distinguished means to be respectful and commanding great respect. How comes you don’t command respect any longer? Do you remember all the dirty steps you took and the lives you ruined and the family you starved on your journey to this Distinguished seat you occupy today.? You think the people you claimed have elected you do not know your dirty linens? Same questions apply to the Honourable Members! This is to remind your individual selves the importance of morality. Your job in the Assembly is about formulation of moral and cultural values into legality (laws). Meaning, legality begets morality!
It is heart wrenching to discover that Senators and Members of House of Representatives are comfortably collecting huge amount of money in the name of Running Cost (not moneys meant for running their individual offices within the National Assembly complex). The money is meant for the running of their Constituency offices, whereas this so called office does not exist. One of the golden rules clearly demand that unless Senators and Members of the Assembly present legal document as proof of evidence for rent or ownership of existing building to be used as Constituency offices, he or she cannot be paid the running cost. But, evidence available in public domain shows how billions of Naira being paid to Senators and Members without a single functional office, without adhering to due process and with no accountability. This is a clear case of abuse of rules, laws and is fraudulent. In fact, the leadership of the National Assembly have turned the Running Cost into an instrument of internal politics which is tantamount to abuse of office. This alone is enough to negate the dignity of your moral stance as Lawmakers.
One other angle which the citizens will continue to hammer on is the flamboyant life of the politicians at the National Assembly on detriment of the entire citizens. Recession or no recession, the jumbo pay remains. If you cannot focus on solving our problems in the pretense that, your job is to make laws, yet, you go about committing all kinds of budget fraud just to enrich yourselves by way of conniving with heads of MDAs to award yourselves contracts, your secret acts will continue to be laid bare open in the public spheres, we the citizens will continue to demand for the scrapping of the Senate and call for citizens to disgrace you in the public.
Finally, the National Assembly is not your business empire, it is not your personal homes nor properties. Therefore, you have no right to intimidate or harass citizens that are supposed to be screened into taking National responsibilities. Yesterday, a candidate was in the Senate to be screened into the Governing Board of the NCC, the Senate ambushed him with photos of protest activities in front of National Assembly which was demanding the scraping of the Senate. As such, the Senate attacked him and berated him out of mere vendetta. You went out to fault his documents and rubbished him simply because he took part in protest against the National Assembly. This alone, is another form of abuse of office, intimidation and by extension, an attempt to cowed other citizens that are exercising their fundamental human rights known as protest.
Therefore, before we draw the line, we are calling on you at the National Assembly to encourage the fight against corruption, adhere to rule of law and eschew vendetta. The Nigerian people are bigger and powerful than your personal interest. Do not forget that your past is as dirty as that of those you are questioning. Do not let us dig deeper and throw open your dirty linen in the public through social media. If we do that, the street will be too expensive to drive through. Remember that you do not have security, your Policemen are not being paid their allowances for over 2 years now. They are grumbling and ready to support all kinds of protest that will yield positive result to the common man.


Comrade I.G. Wala



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