OUR FREEDOM IS COMING TOMORROW!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Noble Nigerians, I salute Kumalo ‘Sarafina’ who, reminiscing the dark days of Apartheid in South Africa, said: Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow. True, Nigeria is in a quandary of abyssal descent. Yet, I say hope; freedom is coming tomorrow.

Yes, the camarilla at independence: stunted by incompetence and debauchery, derailed by despicable power games and proclivity to acquisitiveness, was unwilling, if not incompetent of saving our fledgling new nation. Nigeria was mutilated on the altar of cupidity and egocentricity.

Yet I say: freedom is coming tomorrow.

The Nigerian military and select few won a glorious Civil War victory of oil wells and oil blocks for themselves and a pyrrhic victory of poverty for the Nigerian people.

Albeit, I say: our freedom is coming tomorrow.

The country has a deplorable polity of dissipated politicians and elite that metamorphosed to a mutant in 2011, looting half of the State Annual Budget under the Petroleum Subsidy veneer of fueling cars. Notwithstanding, I say freedom is coming tomorrow. 

I see a debauched army where vehicles and ammunition disappear at the frontlines of the war against insurgency. Where military leaders loot billions and purchase choice houses overseas! 

The military command becomes a seat of wealth accumulation and commanders–landlords and merchants of manifold species. Yet, I say freedom is coming tomorrow. 

Indeed, law makers harass American women for sex; forge certificates, wheels within wheels oversight, budget padding and stuffing, buying one car at thirty-five million naira—legislative profligacy and squander mania. Yet our freedom is coming tomorrow!

I see the Nigerian Police advancing a piece of paper and instructing me to write an undertaking that I will not preach against corruption again anywhere in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 
Despite, I say freedom is coming tomorrow.

Albeit the impenetrability of plummeting crude prices and output without reserve cushion, Niger Delta militants destroying crude oil facilities thus bringing production to below one million barrels per day. I know freedom is coming tomorrow.

I see judicial recklessness and delinquency–controversial simultaneous court rulings on one case, judges at all levels accepting bribes to mutilate justice, making pecuniary decisions on election appeal cases. 

Yes, we have a Cesspit Electoral System where elections are cyclically manipulated by treasury looters to capture power, have access to the State Treasury and squander it, marooning the populace in penury. But I say: our freedom is coming tomorrow   

We now have decadent and rotten education systems where sex and money hold sway in the tertiary, to get marks, certificates and degrees— churning out empty-headed graduates. 75% failure in School Cert exams which are based on ‘expo’ and ‘miracle centres’. My refrain; freedom is coming tomorrow.

Amidst the collapse of electric power supply, moribund industrial sector, anachronistic and derelict agriculture, Keke Napep and Okada transport system, I say: Our freedom is coming tomorrow. 

Yes, we are being ruled by hypocrites and chameleons; unctuous base elements; the big hitters of the Nigerian corruption industry; the groveling sycophants; architects of the corruption superstructure—looting state funds with vilest of obscenities. However, our freedom is coming tomorrow.

The Nigerian seat of power is the open sesame to ill-gotten wealth while public servants are gravy train drivers dwelling in subterfuge, government bureaucratic sinecures.

Yes, I see the remaining 197 abducted Chibok Girls languishing in the wild, being mutilated and dehumanized by insurgents. The noble but state-hated Bring Back Our Girls led by Oby Ezekwesili and Aisha Yesufu punctiliously navigating through opprobrium, put downs, physical assaults and Intel threats of snuffing, to stand for their rescue chanting: ‘Bring Back Our Girls, Now and Alive’.

The Be The Change Movement assiduously working to restore sanity to Nigeria led by indefatigable patriot Mariam Ikunaiye.

Nigeria experiencing unprecedented manifold militancy: Boko Haram and Ombatse cult in the north; Niger Delta rebels; south eastern agitation for a Biafra state.

I count more than five million innocent Nigerians catastrophically rendered Internally Displaced Persons, a consequence of the despicable state craft of politicians and select few. Yet, I say freedom is coming tomorrow.   

I see Gbagyi people, the aboriginals of Abuja and their progeny dispossessed of their homes and livelihood by occupants, and forced into shanties, matchboxes, ghettos and slums. Don’t mind: our freedom is coming tomorrow.   
I see a nation with abysmal GDP, pitiable Per Capita Income and horrendous stagflation; 80% of Nigerians living below the poverty line.

I see the masses groaning under unspeakable poverty, wretchedness, squalor and preposterous insecurity in the midst of government planlessness and rudderlessness.        

Yet I see hope, hope for freedom. I see in Nigeria the revolution of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. to liberate American Negroes from the shackles of obnoxious racial segregation.

I see the Satyagraha and Ahimsa of Guru Mahatma Gandhi to free Indians from British imperialism and obtain independence for his country.      

I see in Nigerian youths the doggedness of the patriarch, Dr. Nelson Mandela, who instituted non-violent mechanisms of dialogue to dismantle Boer Apartheid and secure self-rule for the blacks of South Africa.  

Sure, I see Nigerians coming together independent of religion, tribe, geography or philosophy to wage passive resistance war against their oppressive enemies: the aristocratic imperious demigods that pilot the affairs of polyglot Nigeria by treasury pillage and debauchery.

Yes, I see Nigerians invoke their rights and duties in the constitution as active citizens to take back their country from the hands (as Bishop Hassan Kuka put it) of marauders.       

I see the groundnut pyramids and cotton ginneries re-emerge; the oil palm plantations on highly propitious scales; the cocoa and rubber farms taking back their rightful place in cosmopolitan trade and industry; Nigerian erudition certificates highly honoured as hitherto.   

I see the patriotic revolution where the people of Nigeria will troop en masse to the streets, according to Senator Shehu Sani, north, south, east and west, to challenge their tawdry and fraudulent rulers for driving them into poverty, misery and economic recession, and compel new respectable social order and polity.   

Noble people of Nigeria: do not despair, we shall win this war. Bring back the lost glory of our dear country–for we are on a revanchist mission!  

Our freedom is coming tomorrow!

Get ready and fight for your freedom

Our freedom is coming tomorrow

Stand up and fight for your future

Our freedom is coming tomorrow

Get ready and fight for your children

Our freedom is coming tomorrow

Stand up and fight for your nation

Our freedom is coming tomorrow
By: Okenwa Enyeribe B. Pharm., Head, Revolutionary Council of the Nigerian People (GOOGLE)



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