Letter to President Buhari from an angry mother

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari.

I would like to know whether you think of how policies your government makes affect citizens and most especially citizens who have not been the beneficiary of government largesse like you have been.

Mr President not everyone had the opportunity of having Nigeria be there for them all their lives. Have Nigeria pay their bills from when they entered school up to retirement and who knows beyond. There are some citizens who have not known where the next payment would come from. Some who have never worked for government or gotten political appointments nor done government contracts but have had to fight for themselves in a country where there are no level playing field and people’s growth are stunted because some have undue advantage. Yet some of these Nigerians still believe in Nigeria and want it to be able to give its citizens the best opportunity.

Mr President you might have all the time in the world to make whatever decision you want to but I tell you not many people have that time and patience and I am one of them so you need to put the economy in the right track. The uncertainty is killing business and no investor would put their money in an economy that is uncertain. Investors can invest in bad or good economy but many would not invest in an uncertain economy. It’s the worst!
In making decisions you must put yourself in the shoes of the citizens it’s going to affect and then see through their pain.

Mr President I just want to remind you that the right you had and still have to have your children educated abroad is the right that every Nigerian has. The right you have to go abroad and for medical care is the right every Nigerian has. The right you and your family have to buy designer stuff and flaunt it before hunger starved citizens is the right that every Nigerian has though some might decide not to exercise such and so to do these things effortlessly and deny people that same thing you do is cruel.

Why should citizens not have the opportunity to use their cards abroad? Do you understand that’s making so many so stranded? Not many have dollars stashed away or people donating for their elections which they have never accounted for. Many have hard earned money that they have the right to spend and to deny them the right of spending it after making them lose over 60% value of the money is not only cold and heartless but deliberately wicked.

I have a daughter called Aliyyah just like you have a daughter called Zahra. My daughter is an amazing young girl who is determined and works hard. She is intelligent and has her life planned out. Did I tell you my daughter turned 15 yesterday 6th December 2016? Yes she did and she wants to read Computer Architecture. Her dream is to study at Cambridge and all set for OXbridge programme at an A Level school in England. President Muhammadu Buhari my daughter has every right as the right your daughter Zahra had to education in England. The Nigeria that gave your daughter the right to be educated in England is the same Nigeria that my daughter deserves.

I as a parent do not begrudge you the free loading you got from Nigeria to afford to send your children abroad to be educated so also do not begrudge me the hard work I have put in to be able to send my children abroad to be educated and right now your policies are doing just that.

My son is stranded and so also many children abroad because they cannot use their cards abroad. What alternative are you putting in place to ensure this is not so? I remember as a 10 year old child your policies rendering my parents poor and turning my life upside down. Mr President sir that must not happen to my children.

You once said that you have reached the peak of your career as a military man and as a politician. Mr President I must tell you as President of Nigeria your peak would be taking 170 million of us to our peak.

Yours sincerely
An angry mother
Aisha Yesufu



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