Nigerian Senate Members Brains Crashed with MMM

Magu And The Cheap Excuse From The Nigerian National Assembly
I am sure a lot of us might have read the crap from NASS, explaining why they refused to endorse the most effective EFCC Chairman Nigeria have had since after Nuhu Ribadu. Honestly, I don’t think Magu is a perfect man but he is perfect for the job. At least he is more effective compared to the morally bankrupt legislature, populated by people with criminal records and criminal forgers as leaders. 
Please don’t worry yourself with the cheap propaganda they are peddling about against Magu, we know between them and the man man who is the real threat to our society. If their reasons for denying him the job are truth and they constitute an offense, a respectable institution like the Senate should have called for his prosecution even before now. If Magu has committed any offense as they claimed, it is a shame that they could not call for his prosecution before this shameful act of their’s. 
All you read in their myopic report is one Mohammed this, one Mohammed that. One Mr Muhammad paid for Magu’s accommodation, and what about it? That is their business, it is not government money. The Muhammad is Magu’s friend, that is not our business; we all have right to choose our friends. Did their relationship affect Magu’s discharge of his duties? No. If not, what is our business? If Magu likes let his friend give him one billion dollar house, that is their business and not ours. If the Mohammed is corrupt let them call for his prosecution. And if Magu like, let him fly billion dollars ticket to Saudi Arabia, it is his  savings, federal government does not sponsor pilgrimage. 
Nigerians can see beyond the veil, they know what is real when they see it. To explain what Nigerians think about the National Assembly’s reason for denying Magu the job, read this:
“SENATE leadership was charged for corruption to CCT 
SENATE immediately summoned Justice Umar of CCT
SENATE president & vice were charged to CCB/CCT for fraud.
SENATE quickly amended the CCB/CCT bill transferring power to themselves 
DSS arrested corrupt Justices of Supreme Court
SENATE immediately summoned DSS over the arrest 
EFCC freezes accounts of corrupt govt officials
EFCC arrested corrupt Military Generals
SENATE summoned EFCC boss immediately 
SENATE: Magu is corrupt he is not qualified to head EFCC. 
But, corrupt Senate is qualified to screen Magu. Smh 
75% of the current 8th Assembly have corruption cases hanging right on their necks. They were part of the senators who rejected Magu’s confirmation hiding under DSS report. 
Nigeria! kworuption screening kworuption 

Seriously, I thought it was only MMM that crashed in Nigeria, I didn’t know the brains of most Nigerian Senate members crashed with it.!!”
That is from a Nigerian who is well ahead of some criminals in the National Assembly who forge records and make false assets declarations.
We know what their crap reasons are, it is all cheap propaganda and we are not new to that.
Great Imo Jonathan.


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