​Why The Narrative About The Conflict In Southern Kaduna Is Disingenuous, By Okoi Obono-Obla

The Nigeria elite is highly hypocrite and suffers from selective amnesia! I recall that in January, 2006 Ebom people bombed neighbouring Ebijakara in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State with dynamites. More than 300 were killed and all the houses in Ebijakara destroyed.
Today Ebijakara are homeless and internally displaced people. I waged a relentless campaign for Justice for Ebijakara no body from Cross River supported it.
Today, some people are pretending to be vociferous about unfortunate conflict in Southern Kaduna just because President Muhammadu Buhari.  Must we politicize, sectionalize and bring religion into everything under the sun?
Ebijakara is entirely Christian but it did not arouse the conscience of Christians Community Cross River State nay Nigerian!
The narrative that the crisis in Southern Kaduna is Christian versus Muslim is totally dishonest, biased and disingenuous.
It is a script by some anarchists and trouble makers who are hungry for blood and wants to use such narrative to ignite a conflict in Nigeria.
All communal conflicts in Nigeria are rooted in ancient animosities, grudges, prejudices and intense struggle for land rights! The one in Southern Kaduna is no exception!
In Cross River State such bloody conflicts and eruptions are frequent occurrences! They are Ediba-Usumutong; Nko-Mkpani-Nyima; Onyedama-Nyima-Nko to mention but a few!
I recall the bloody communal conflict in Aguleri and Umuleri communities in Anambra State some few years ago.
In 1995, the people of Umuleri invaded Aguleri and started killing, maiming and destroying properties belonging to Aguleri. Aguleri and Umuleri are Christian and Igbo communities.
The crisis was brought to an end by the Obasanjo administration, when he went to the effected communities and invited leaders of the three (3) communities (Umuoba Anam inclusive) to the state house for a meeting. It was during this time that an agreement was reached, to settle out of court. A peace committee was formed to see to an amicable settlement.
I recall the bloody communal war between Ife-Modakeke in Osun State in the 1990s and 2001. This conflict has raged for more than two hundred years.
I remember the invasion of Ezillo community in Ebonyi State by well-armed gunmen from Ezza Community in the early hours of the morning in December, 2013 who indiscriminately open fire on innocent villagers killing more than 100 people in Ezillo! The Ezza and Ezillo people are both Christian and Igbo!
Two days a bloody conflict erupted between the Obudu Community in Cross River State and a neighboring Community in Benue State. The conflict is still raging!   The Obudu and Tiv people are predominately Christian!.
For the past five years, the people of communal war erupted between the people of Ochienyim in Amagu Ikwo in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State and the Adadama community in Cross River State that resulted in massive killings on both sides. These are two supposedly Christian Communities.
The truth of the matter is that Nigeria is rife with communal conflicts and violence.
Maybe there is something structurally and fundamentally wrong with the justice, law and order sectors in the country that conflicts are never resolved but are allowed to snowball into wars!
Government must put in place a machinery to promptly deal with conflict and punish those who instigate and perpetrate them.


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