By: Great Imo Jonathan 
After analyzing the ongoing struggle to deliver Nigeria from CORRUPTION and to reinvent our economy, I came to the conclusion that at the heart of development under a democratic governance is The National Assembly. No President can do better in a DEMOCRACY than the legislature allows. Because anything done outside the law made by the National Assembly is considered illegal and the President if he insist is viewed as a dictator. 
But and unfortunately, this time we have a President who is sincere and who love Nigeria and sadly a National Assembly populated by retired criminal governors and election riggers led by Bukola Saraki who don’t care if the people perished. In one of the fora where I belong, I told them that I suspected Saraki was interested in becoming the Senate President even before he showed interest. And I told them that when that happens, the change we all worked for will be up in flames because in a DEMOCRACratic government national assembly is key. 
Unfortunately Saraki emerged because of President Buhari’s lack of political prowess and not allowing the party and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to interfere. With Saraki’s emergence CORRUPTION torpedoed the change (maybe temporarily).
I remember my post on the day Saraki emerged, the fear that I expressed is gradually becoming real. But God forbid. I feared that with Saraki who has mountains of corruption hovering over him, Nigeria has come under the shadow of darkness despite Buhari’s sincerity and eagerness to develop Nigeria. 
With Saraki taking Senate Presidency, the criminal elements in Nigeria literally outsmarted us. Because without new laws in the new direction no change can occur. You can imagine that the bill President Buhari sent to the National Assembly that will help expedite war against corruption is still lying with the national assembly. Saraki and his criminal gang sat on it and we are all yet complaining that all we hear is that there is corruption everywhere but there are no convictions.
How can you get convictions with Saraki himself facing charges? How can we win war on corruption with this state of corruption and unwillingness in the judiciary and Police? And how can you win war on corruption when the real institution, the National Assembly that is supposed to make new laws that will energize Buhari and Osibanjo to work are deliberately holding the Presidency to ransom, helping our corrupt elites to stay afloat and to get the opportunity to sack Buhari in 2019 and return the nation to the path of corruption permanently until total destruction. 
They are blocking Buhari from getting the needed legislations and from accessing funds because they know that if laws are strengthened and money is available Buhari will do wonders as he did with PTF. The elite knows if Buhari is allowed to work and set the pace Nigerians will no longer accept their way of corruption and the minimum standards would have been set. 
But again unfortunately, Nigerians are being blind folded by the likes of Saraki and Ben Bruce from getting to know that at the heart of current distortions are legislative vacuum and judicial pollution anchored in the National Assembly. 
Let me give insight into how The National Assembly is holding Presidency and Nigerians to ransom using my edited version of Obono-Obla narrative.
They want Nigerians to suffer until they revolt against Buhari and the intention is to scuttle war on corruption. They want us to keep on crying about the economy, recession and
hardship but they have the powers to help Buhari solve the matter but have refused to address them. 

Buhari asked The National Assembly to give him economic powers to help get us out of the recession but they refused. He asked to be allowed to take a loan to jump start the economy. He was denied by the same people in the National Assembly. 

The stolen money that many thieves of the Government returned shows clear admittance of guilt by them. No court
accepted to convict any of them despite the many self confessions. Yet the National Assembly refused to pass the executive bill that was brought to it to help expedite CORRUPTION cases.

CBN changes the rules of transactions regarding FX at will. They have succeeded in creating business panic in the country.
They are now the rice marketers. Baba cannot remove the CBN Governor he has no such powers, but the National Assembly can do that very easily. Instead they turn the other way.

One of their own exposed their shady dealings and level of corruption in NASS and was prepared to serve his own jail term. 

National Assembly led by Saraki called him names, bullied and booed him as they sent him packing.

Price of crude went down worldwide, Ben Bruce blame it on Buhari and the Presidency. But recently, N450b was uncovered being unremitted funds by agencies. The National Assembly is quiet

Thieves that stole this country to nothingness hid their wealth in soak-aways, surface tanks, farms, toilets etc. Yet the National Assembly has refused to pass the law the help sentence these criminals quickly.
In saner climes, with a people who truly want change and progress, any two combination above is enough to bring the National Assembly down……
But unfortunately with all these National Assembly shenanigans Nigerians are still only blaming Buhari. Even with these overwhelming evidence and facts, some bigots and wailers will still lay the blame on PMB, simply because of cheap hatred and propaganda being paddled by corrupt politicians.
If we want CHANGE, Presidency and entire Nigerians must fight the National Assembly to a standstill. They must be made to pass every piece of Legislation required to move Nigeria forward. It is within their powers to do them. In fact the so called restructuring we have been shouting about can be done by the National Assembly without delay. But not until we HOLD THEIR HEELS TO FIRE. 

Great Imo Jonathan.


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